Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pinterest inspired Knit and crochet hat

Finally caught up on my posts made this in january So i crocheted and Knitted this one too fun and easier i might add.

I embroidered around the center of the flower it gave it some POP

Order of ten Hats in December

Oldest Nephew: Looks like Harry Potter threw up with the misty grays and maroon and gold

For the girls

Now for some little boys , im sad i didnt get final pictures of all of them, I had added monkey buttons and banana buttons

Im missing my all brown hat with blue out line and 4 others.:(

A last minute gift needed

Grey and black striped brimmed Hat at this point in December i got an order of TEN hats yes i said ten. 

They are currently ordering 3 more of this kind of hat. purple and black . pink and black, and gradient from blackgrey to pink.

Christmas cheer hats

I had an order of six Christmas themed hats . they needed them in a two week frame it was nuts. No it doesnt stop there for the month of december

Yes i was happy to be done

Crochet Aviator Beanie with goggles

My first Order in december before Christmas it got a whole lot crazier/busy from here

Dino Beanie Fun

Stegosaurus style, I used stiff cotton to hold the blades up

Mini Crochet Minion Despicable Me

This one has different hair than previous Minion and my first attempt on the arms and gloves

Mini Minion and a Surprise

Minion mini crochet. This takes more time than a Big one , doesnt make sense i know But the results are so cool. 

I can't get enough of fun ideas to crochet embroidery thread and size us 6/1.6 mm hook. The hard part was making it up as i went along than realizing i had to make a second one. Write down what you did people! 

Robot beanie costume

My Little guy wears it well

HedgeHog Crochet

YES lots of loops!

Baby Boys love Pupppies

Without ear flaps

With Ear Flaps